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Scratch Junior

Programming for little children
from the age of 5
Scratch Junior is an introductory programming language for children, which is similar to the Lego construction - scripts are compiled with the help of colourful “bricks”. It allows children to create cartoons, fairytales and games at a very young age! Scratch Jr is simple and easy to understand. Children who can't read can study Scratch JR, because blocks don't have captions, and actions are depicted schematically.
During Scratch JR classes children will learn:
  • Basic computer skills
  • How to build an algorithm
  • Work in graphic editor
  • Record sounds
  • Input text
  • Create cartoons
  • Create games

Classes last 50 minutes + 2 breaks for 5 minutes
Your child needs a computer or a laptop with a computer mouse.
Age: 5-7 years old

Additionally: the presence of parents or any adult is required during the first month of classes to help with technical matters.
As it was noticed, children who don't have such skills as to work on their own, to think logically, to correlate data, to learn new information or to build sequences, face difficulties more often at school than children who can't read, count or write.

In the fast-moving modern world the necessity to acquire basic computer, algorithms and programming skills arises before school. So, it is convenient to use visual programming language, where a programmer doesn't write codes, but makes up a program, which consists of graphic elements, putting blocks together into a puzzle.

The purpose of the course is the development of general knowledge, shaping of logical, algorithm and mathematical thinking, deduction abilities and programming skills.
These are expected results after the classes:
  • your child strives to work independently fulfilling game tasks;
  • your child has basic knowledge of mathematics, algorithm and programming;
  • knows what is a computer, a laptop, a screen, a mouse, a keyboard, a camera and a microphone
  • knows what is programming, program, programmer, the program management guidelines, command, programming languages, visual programming language;
  • knows what is the algorithm, types of algorithm, how to make algorithms and why we use algorithms to write a program;
  • can compose linear and unconditionally convergent algorithms and depict their schemes, using the building blocks;
  • can compose patterns and look for their rupture;
  • can determine the sequence of events;
  • can analyze, compare characteristics of subjects, objects and phenomenon;
  • can follow the example set;
  • can write programs with the help of visual programming language Scratch JR.;
  • can use graphic editor Scratch JR.;
  • knows numbers;
  • knows such terms as vertical-horizontal,beginning- ending- infinity, slow-faster-fast-very fast
  • knows geometric shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval;
  • Knows position: on- above- under, on the left - on the right, more-less, in front of-behind, on top-from below, higher-lower, earlier-later-simultaneously, the day before yesterday-yesterday-today-tomorrow-the day after tomorrow.
  • Your child is acquainted with geometric points, straight lines, curve,line segment, polylines, angles, types of angles.
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